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Nolan Parker

Nolan Parker’s overriding focus is to help clients live life to the fullest in every way possible. The first step toward making that goal a reality is ensuring that clients are confident in their financial direction. That means eliminating the stress that often accompanies financial planning decisions. To achieve this, he focuses on simplifying the process — helping clients develop a clear path forward that’s based on what will best help them accomplish their goals. 

 After a brief stint in banking, he realized what he really longed for was a chance to more directly help people with their finances — to provide a positive influence and impact that could help them achieve their goals. It’s this passion for sharing what he’s learned that guides his approach. He works side-by-side with Peak360 advisors to craft a customized financial plan that fits the client’s life — instead of forcing them to accommodate some arbitrary, cookie-cutter solution. When not helping clients move confidently toward their financial future, you can find him “moving” in a host of other ways — whether it’s mountain biking, skiing, or continuing to indulge his lifelong love of soccer.