Are you prepared for a 30 years retirement?

Millions of Baby Boomers are at or nearing retirement and face the daunting task of maintaining an income stream that lasts an entire lifetime. Income Distribution Planning is a separate and distinct focus within the financial planning profession.

At David White and Associates, we carefully design and customize a portfolio by using an intricate mix of financial products and tools designed to provide growth, tax-efficient income, guarantees, and liquidity for unexpected expenses.

The Retirement Income Plan Needs to:

  • Create Lifetime Income Without Worry of Running out of Money
  • Create Guaranteed Income Streams to cover Essential Expenses*
  • Create Discretionary (Fun) Cash Without Tax Burden or other Worries At Retirement
  • Maximize Income for Clients and Wealth to the Heirs & Charities
  • Minimize Exposures to Taxes at Retirement and Death
  • Protect Assets Against Unexpected Health or Long Term Care Expenses
  • Include Portfolios Designed to Hedge Against Inflation for a 30+ Year Retirement
  • Be a Cohesive Manageable Plan

The Set-Up Doesn’t Start at Retirement, It Starts Now!

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* Product guarantees are based on the claims paying ability of the issuing company.

Case Study: RETIRE•ment Income Optimization Planning

Ron and Isabella Perez live in Pleasanton, CA. Ron, 55 years old; owns a manufacturing company overseas and Isabella, 53 years old, works as a software engineer in Silicon Valley. They are earning more money and have better cash flow because their three (3) children have graduated from college. Ron and Isabella would like to start saving more into their retirement as they feel they are behind in retirement savings. Ron has been saving into his IRA while Isabella is contributing into her company 401(k) and company pension. They were referred to Samson Chan, CFP® by their accountant to explore retirement savings plans and tax deduction options.

During the initial meeting, Samson explored the various sections of a well-design retirement income plan. These sections include:

Required Lifetime Income: Samson performed income projections for Ron and Isabella to make sure that the money will last 30 plus years after they retired. The projection calculated different contribution inputs into a 401(k); when to elect social security income, Isabella’s pension options and different retirement ages. The income plan also matched investments to cover different expenses at retirement.

Expenses and Cash Flow Management:   Ron and Isabella were educated on the difference between essential, planned discretionary, and unplanned discretionary expenses. These planned discretionary expenses included a vacation to a new country every year and helping the kids with wedding expenses.

Tax Allocation: Since taxes are the biggest expense before and after retirement, Samson created different investments to minimize tax exposure when distributing retirement income to cover the different expense levels.

Investment Management: Samson educated Ron and Isabella on how investment strategies at retirement are different since money is coming out of the accounts.  These investment strategies include:  Strategic and Tactical Allocations, Alternative Investment and Proper Risk Management (S.T.A.R. Portfolio).

Risk Management: In addition to properly managing the investment risk, Samson also explained the importance of Long-Term Care insurance to protect their assets at retirement. The premiums are also deductions since Ron is self employed. Samson also recommended a Pension Max strategy for Isabella when she elects her pension options.

Estate Legacy Planning: Samson recommended a buy-sell agreement to Ron and his business partner, George, so that Ron can get the most value when he sells the business. In addition, Ron and Isabella updated her trust since it was last updated seven (7) years ago when their children were in college.

Summary: By working with Samson, Ron and Isabella now have a RETIRE•ment by design.  With this retirement plan, they know exactly what they need to save, what investment average returns are needed to reach their retirement income goals, and the possible risks they will be facing in retirement years. Ron also has a plan to sell his business while Isabella understands her pension options.  They have a better understanding of how to allocate their savings toward various investments to minimize tax implication and to maximize cash flow at retirement.  They are on track to have approximately $240,000 per year at retirement and growing with inflation.


This case study is based on a hypothetical, yet common client scenario, and is intended only to show the types of services Samson Chan can provide. Please talk to your attorney or accountant for legal and tax advice. Samson Chan, Investment Advisor Representative. Securities and Investment advisory services are offered solely through Ameritas Investment Corp (AIC). Member FINRA/SIPC. AIC and David White & Associates are not affiliated. Additional products and services may be available through Samson Chan or David White & Associates that are not offered through AIC. CA Insurance License: 0C40679