IGNITE Financial Planning Process

Everyone has a plan, either by design or by default. The IGNITE Process is a comprehensive financial planning process designed to guide you towards your personal or business financial success. We focus on your investments, risk management, protection strategies, tax planning, wealth transfer and more. Your true advantage comes from applying our findings to match the needs and personalities of you and your family or business team. With our unique planning method, you gain the insight needed to be sure you are on the right track.

Step I: Initial Consultation – The first 45 minutes of our meeting is a professional engagement interview. At this meeting, we will define the advisor roles and define your expectations from our professional relationship. If there is a mutual engagement, we will identify the values of our wealth management process and how it can help you. You will be given homework; i.e., to gather documents for our next meeting.

Step G: Gathering Facts – In this meeting, we will pursue your goals, dreams and challenges. We will explore your current financial situation, identify your risk tolerance and financial concerns. This is a meeting to discover what is really important to your financial goals and prioritize them by importance.

Step N: Navigation Plan (First Draft) – This is an educational meeting and also our proposed first draft of your unique financial navigation plan. It is where you will learn the different financial programs and alternative strategies available to help you reach your goals. Together, we will identify different options, eliminating any unsuitable tools, and utilize only those programs best fit for your risk and comfort level. We’ll also draft a 2-page summary of your financial navigation plan titled “Wealth and Protection Matrix”.

Step I: Implementation – Once we identify the appropriate programs to reach your goals, we’ll synergize all the moving pieces through the Wealth and Protection Matrix. This is the stage where we implement the selected programs. We will coordinate this transition with your investments, insurances and/or alternative investments.

Step T: Transition Summary – After the transition, on the 30th day, we’ll meet again with all your documents to organize and summarize the transition. We’ll answer any questions and make sure we are on the right track in your financial journey. This is also the time for you to give us your honest feedback on our financial planning process.

Step E: Evaluation – Financial Planning is an ongoing process. Together, we’ll monitor the process and re-align the Wealth and Protection Matrix as your family and business grows in this dynamic economic market.