Financial Planning

Many people are so busy today in their family and working lives that they have little or no time to look at their financial future. We find that everyone has a plan, either by default or through a conscious effort.  We believe your plan should be custom tailored to your financial situation, time horizon, tax bracket, liquidity needs and risk tolerance. By using a disciplined and comprehensive planning process, you can better integrate your financial decisions with your long-term goals.

We review your entire portfolio and work with your other advisors to develop a comprehensive plan that meets your needs. Our financial planning process provides a Net Worth statement, Income Tax analysis, Asset Allocation of your overall portfolio, Retirement Projections, Insurance Analysis, Review of Wills and Trusts, recommendations, and an implementation timeline.  We also provide quarterly and annual updates of our plans based on the complexity of the financial plans.

Data Gathering

In our initial meeting, we will focus on gathering financial information, reviewing your situation, establishing your risk tolerance and time horizon, and setting goals to build your roadmap. We listen carefully to your input and concerns and make sure we understand your situation and goals. All your information remains confidential.

Presentation of the Financial Plan

After a thorough analysis of your situation and goals, we will meet again and review your Financial Plan. Depending on your situation, this may involve comprehensive input from your other advisors – attorneys, accountants, trust officers and/or bankers. During this review, we will demonstrate how we organize all the elements of your financial plan.


If you don’t have help implementing the strategies of your plan, the plan won’t work. We help you take the next steps and put your plan into action. At all points along the way, you are highly involved in the planning process, and we give you the tools and advice you need to take the actions that will help you on your way to achieving your financial goals.

Plan Review

We hold quarterly, semiannual or annual checkpoints as needed. In these review sessions, we use your financial plan as the framework for our review to make sure your plan remains on track. The planning process is on-going so we will make adjustments as necessary, based on your evolving needs and personal situation.